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Our line-up includes tools, accessories and all other materials for the professional autoglass business. All our products are developed, designed and tested by specialist! This is your guarantee for approved high quality products.

Wibotec is selling Cobra Tools products

Wibotec Is selling the complete program from Cobra Tools. Cobra Tools has a wide program in autoglass replacement and repair tolls and accessories. Through a close partnership we can deliver Cobra Tools products as fast as Wibotec products.

Leaflet for the Cut-Out

Leaflet for Cutting Wires



Anders Sørensen

Anders is the managing director and a share holder and board member of Wibotec A/S
Product development

Claus Grøndal

Claus is part of the product development in Wibotec



Allan Petersen

Allan works in the warehouse and ensures that the goods are delivered


Your flexible partner in autoglass tools and accessories

Wibotec was founded in the beginning of the 1980’s, and is today able to offer a most comprehensive programme of auto glass tools, accessories and materials to the professional. Wibotec has invented, developed or brought many new products since the beginning. The range has been designed and tested by specialists in the auto glass business, which have an intimate knowledge. We can say it short: “Made by professionals for professionals”.

Wibotec is looking to establish long-term mutual relationships with companies situated and operating in Europe . The purpose is to: Distribution of Wibotec tools, ensure continuous product development in general and partners to help in developing new solutions for auto glass repair and replacement

We hope that our website will give you a flavour of who we are, what we do, and that you will agree that Wibotec is a name worth getting to know ? as a company with a dynamic portfolio, development and production.


Video of Wibotec products

Se how our product an accessories should be used to gain the best result.

Wibotec CUT-OUT // Wibotec Removing Windscreens // Wibotec Windscreen Lift // Wibotec Tools // Wibotec Glass Repair Kit